Welcome to the EuroGames Stockholm 2015! Here you can register as participant, visitor or volunteer.

On Monday the 27th the registration will be locked and no more changes will be possible!

We have closed the registration but do offer late registration in some sports (please check that in the sports programme before registering). The lock up fee for registration is € 145.

Registration fee for visitors is € 50 is still open and it include opening and closing ceremony, discounts for cultural activities and free entrance of all sport venues.

Before you register for EuroGames Stockholm 2015 please read our terms & conditions. Administration costs will apply. You can register for more than one event, but make sure there are no clashes among them. EuroGames Stockholm will not take any responsibility in such situations.

An extra starting fee for golf, marathon and triathlon will be added.

1. Create your login - 2. Pay the registration fee - 3. Register to your events - 4. Enjoy!


For information about the "Accommodation" please click here.

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